Banners, Popup Messages and Push Notification Design

These graphics are optional app design extras.

Page Banners sit at the bottom of the app menu and content pages. Create as many banners as you like within your project.

•    720 x 100px PNG
•    No transparency

A banner locks to the bottom of the app screen. You can have one display on menus, throughout the whole app or to individual content pages.
Banners are especially useful to highlight sponsors.
Banners, when tapped, can direct the user to a specified page, link or document.



Popup message image
A powerful and simple way of communicating or directing delegates to important information.

•    450 x 600px PNG
•    No transparency


Push notification images
Push notifications can be used to keep attendees up to date with schedule changes, reminders, or to highlight any App sponsors etc.

•    400 x 600px PNG
•    No transparency

Push notifications can direct the user to a specified page, link or document.



All assets must be supplied exactly as specified. The Core will not accept assets with any deviations from the specifications. Read more. 

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