Badge Design

This article is a walk-through for designers and production staff, to make the most of your badge design in the badge creator.

In your design software

  1. Create the general layout for the badge at the desired size. Common sizes include A6 (105 x 148.5mm) or Kiosk Stock (100 x 152mm). Recommended bleed is 3mm.
    Usually, event badges will include some or all of the following elements/information:
    • Event branding
    • Sponsor logo
    • First and last name
      IMPORTANT: All variable data text must use a font available in the Core’s online badge generator. A list of fonts can be found within Badge creator.
    • Position and organisation
    • QR code (min 30mm high)
      IMPORTANT: QR codes must be set on a high contrasting background which is lighter than the code. Reversed QR codes will not scan correctly. Eg. A code maybe royal blue on white but not white on royal blue.
    • Attendee type (often attendee type is shown both in text and a prominent colour bar for fast visual identification by event staff)
    • Attendance of optional events/activities such as Gala Dinner, Networking Functions or Workshops (This can be plain text or an icon read more about icons)
  2. Separate the background of the badge from the variable data for easy exporting and updating
  3. Export two pdf versions of your badge
    • A guide version (with all placeholders for the variable data included).
      This will be used as a guide when positioning elements in the Core
    • A blank version (with only the background elements)
      This will replace the guide version once setup is completed
  4. Take note of all CMYK values for colours of core generated text and colour blocks
  5. Take note of all font sizes



All assets must be supplied exactly as specified. The Core will not accept assets with any deviations from the specifications. Read more. 

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