Badge Creator Setup Considerations

Confirm badge requirements: design, badge pocket size and display rules

  • Ensure correct profile data is being captured to use display rules
  • Check profiles for duplicate or erroneous data
  • Confirm how badges will be printed. Before the event, on-site or a combination of both
  • Safe margin: keep important text and graphics at least 4mm from edge
  • Bleed: ensure colours and graphics which are printed to the edge of the badge extend a minimum of 3mm past the edge of the artboard
  • If pre-printing check with printer for exact bleed and safe margin specifications
  • Colour - to ensure colour prints as expected it is not recommended to use PNG. PDF of JPG in CMYK is a better option
  • When using the colour picker please use the CMYK values - as RGB may produce unexpected results when printing
  • If printing badges on-site via kiosks, ensure that the file sizes of elements and images are as low as possible to avoid performance issues due to network bandwidth limitations