Entegy CMS Glossary

Entegy CMS: The back-end system used to manage your project. Through the CMS you will upload and manage content, profile data and manage all project settings.

Project: Each event is set up as a Project in the CMS and can include some or all Suite products. Projects are created and edited by CMS Users.

Standalone App: A custom app with branded app icon, loading screens and dedicated store listing page.

Embedded App: An app embedded in a Portal.

Portal: A container app housing multiple apps.

Enter Code portal: Users will require a unique code to access the app through the Portal.

Tile entry portal: Users select from a list of active app tiles to access the app through the Portal.

Container Page: A group of content pages that is automatically created by some page types and additional sub-pages will need to be created within in (e.g. an exhibitor page type will house a list of exhibitor subpages).

Page Type: Content is stored in the App using page types; each page type is used for a specific type of content (e.g. a schedule page type will be used to build a schedule, and an exhibitors page type lists exhibitor information and allows for them to be mapped onto a floor plan).

Target Page: The page that will link to that item (e.g. icon on the Main Menu linking to related content, where the content would be the target page. Or a Page Banner linking to a Submission Form, where the submission form is the target page etc.)

Click through: Click on an object and be taken to another page (e.g clicking through on a Page Banner takes you to the App Sponsor’s page).

Import: Upload/populate data into the CMS.

Export: Extract data or reports from the App or CMS.

Project/CMS User: CMS Projects can be accessed as a CMS User. Different permission levels can be granted depending on a user’s job requirements (e.g. user permissions may be granted to access an entire project or just specific tasks within a project).

Event Code: The custom code that indicates your project/app. Event codes are used when accessing an app in a portal, and using the Capture or Track apps.

QR Code: A code that, when scanned, provides access to information in the app. Can be used in conjunction with Attendee Connect, Lead Capture, Attendance Tracking and Kiosk Manager.

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