Lead Capture Glossary

Lead: The generation of a new potential business client.

Capture App: A downloadable app for mobile devices that exhibitors use to capture leads, take notes and export captured data.

Lead Capture Scan: When an exhibitor team member scans an attendee’s badge/ticket using the Capture app.

Exhibitor Team: All exhibitor booth staff logged into the Capture app under their exhibitor (e.g. Sally, Steve and Alice are all onsite for the event and are exhibiting for Entegy. When they are using the Capture app, they are part of the Entegy exhibitor team).

Team Members: Exhibitor booth staff who make up an exhibitor team.

Event Code: The custom code that indicates your project/app and is used when logging into the Capture app. Can also be used to access the event app in a portal, or log into the Track app.

Exhibitor Access Code: An exhibitor-specific code used when logging into the Capture app. This code can be used by all exhibitor team members when logging in.

Exhibitor Signup Form: Allows exhibitor booth staff to register themselves as part of an exhibitor team. This is used when distributing an exhibitor access code.

Qualifying Question: Questions exhibitor team members can ask captured leads. This can be set, either by the organiser, or the exhibitor team.

Generate Blank Code: The action where exhibitor access codes are generated. Blank codes must be generated to enable exhibitor team members to login using the exhibitor access code.

Exhibitor Code Login Message: An instructional message and event organiser contact details that appear when an exhibitor logs into the Capture app using the exhibitor access code.

Exhibitor Registration Complete Email: A system email that can be sent once an attendee has completed the exhibitor signup form.

Export Fields: The profile fields and information that exhibitors can export in their post-event lead report.

View Leads: View a full list of all attendees that have been scanned through the Capture app.

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