Portal Project FAQs

Table of Contents:

  1. What is a primary project?
  2. How do I change the background image on my portal?
  3. What can I change using the portal project?

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FAQ: What is a primary project?

A: Traditionally, when a portal is first opened by an attendee they are directed to either choose a tile or enter an event code. Setting a primary project will, instead, direct the attendee to the project. 

Please note: the attendee will only be directed to the primary project when they first download and open the app. If the attendee has used the portal previously, they will need to change the event and access the new project through either choosing a tile or entering the event code.


FAQ: How do I change the background image on my portal?

A: The portal background pulls directly from the Store Listing > Phone Background/Splash and Tablet Background/Splash. To edit/change these images will require an app resubmission.

Please note: resubmissions may incur a fee and can take up to 10 days to update on the stores.


FAQ: What can I change using the portal project?

A: Using the portal project you can change the following portal assets and settings:

  • Add, remove or edit portal tiles
  • Add or edit the Tap to Start image
  • Layout of portal tiles and layers of tiles
  • Change portal type (Enter Code or Tile Entry)
  • Update text displayed on the portal
  • Link or remove portal projects
  • Make a project a primary project

These changes can be published directly to the portal without requiring an App Store resubmission.