My App Setup

My App (also known as MyEvent) is for attendees to manage their individual app settings. From My App, attendees can view bookmarked content, export session notes, manage their notification and account settings, and view their message inbox.

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Allow attendees to manage their personal data and privacy settings
  2. Allow attendees to see bookmarked content
  3. Allow attendees to export session notes
  4. Allow attendees to view their messaging inbox

Please note

Some of these features will require Attendee Connect and profile login.

When configured, My App can be added as a separate icon on the App Main Menu. This icon links directly to all My App features.

Bookmarked content and session notes are both accessible in a public app, and do not require profile login to access. However, the messaging inbox and personal data/privacy settings are hidden until an attendee has logged in. 


Setup My App

1) Design App Appearance

2) Upload Design Assets

3) Configure My App

4) Link My App Feature to App Menu Icon

5) Test