App Access Glossary

Attendee: Someone attending the event and using the event app (e.g. speaker, sponsor, attendee etc.).

External Reference: A unique string of characters (not limited to numbers) that are populated by an event organiser when profiles are imported (e.g. membership ID, registration number, ticket number etc). This can be used to log into the event app.

Internal Reference: A unique string of numbers that are generated by the Core (CMS) for each attendee. These are automatically determined when a profile is created and cannot be changed.

Authentication: How attendees will be verified when accessing the app (e.g. login methods, download details etc.).

Username: A combination of First Name, Last Name and 4 characters e.g. John.Smith5487. Attendees can personalise this username once they have logged in, through their account settings.

Password: A temporary password auto-generated by the Core. Attendees can then update their password on first login in, meeting the required complexity selected by the organiser.

Email (login option): Email addresses must be unique for all attendees if used as a login method. This cannot be used if you have allowed duplicate emails in Profile Field settings.

Visible in list/Visible to others in the app: The attendee’s name and visible profile information will appear in the profile list.

Allow Messaging: An attendee can be messaged by another attendee.

Connections: Personal attendee and exhibitor scans. When set to Connections, this will always display/share an attendee’s email address or contact number with their connection.

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