Interactive Floorplans Glossary

Floorplan: Illustrates the layout of the venue which can be mapped for easy navigation from point to point

Point of Interest:  Exhibitors, Exhibitor Booths containing multiple exhibitors and venue Rooms which can be mapped onto the floorplan for navigation. 

Exhibitor: Exhibitors created through the Exhibitor page type. All exhibitors listed in this page type will be accessible to map onto the floorplan.

Exhibitor Booth: Multiple exhibitors located at a single booth. Link a booth of multiple exhibitors to a single location on the floorplan.

Room: A room at your venue where your event is taking place. Create rooms as part of the Interactive Floorplans setup. All rooms listed in this page type will be accessible to map onto the floorplan.

Node: A point of interest on the Map, which could be a Booth, Room or an Exhibitor. 

Pathing Node: Non-selectable nodes that can be used to connect paths. 

Path: A connection between two or more nodes. A path needs to exist between nodes for navigation to and from that node.

Wayfinding Editor: Allows you to build an efficient Interactive Floorplan for your event

Zoom Level: Zoom in and out on the level image while plotting

Align Nodes: Align nodes to create a clean and simple path for attendees

Node Type: Defines the type of node. These include Exhibitor, Booth with multiple exhibitors, venue Room, or Waypoint. 

Node Priority: Assign a node Priority. A priority can be assigned to a node to make it more accessible than other nodes. High Priority can be set for a Node to make it more accessible than others. A None defines a Node as No Pass Through, typically assigned to Booths and Rooms.

Layers: Represent the different levels or zones of the map, which can be interlinked to have connected path between them

Publish: Floorplan mapping needs to be published to be available on the event app. Until published the changes or updates made through wayfinding editor will not be reflected on the event app.

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