Session Live Streaming Setup Considerations

There are some things to consider when running Session Live Streaming at your event. These considerations include the who will be managing what part of the live streaming software, and the three (3) major components associated with configuring and managing the live streaming during the event. How you plan to run Session Live Streaming at your event will guide you to best configure your project.

Who Manages What?

The major consideration when it comes to Session Live Streaming is who will be managing what. It is advised to have the following roles:

Role 1: Event Organiser

Event Organiser will do the bulk of the behind-the-scenes setup and configuration of software, including the various streaming and distribution platforms.


  • Distribute live streaming information for each session
  • Create Zoom Meetings / Vimeo Stream (where required)
  • Distribute live stream access details (e.g. dial-in details)

Role 2: Session Facilitator

Session Facilitator will manage the session as a whole. This includes managing the speaker during the session, controlling the audience view, and managing Interactive Sessions and the live stream.

Please note: the Event Organiser and Session Facilitator can be the same person.


  • Attend sessions (e.g. Zoom)
  • Control audience view of Zoom Meeting / Vimeo etc.
  • Facilitate Interactive Sessions and control the Interactive Sessions Display Screen
  • Manage speakers in sessions

Role 3: Session Speaker

Session Speakers will be responsible for presenting their session. This includes speaking, sharing their camera (if required), and liaising with the facilitator to display relevant content


  • Attend session (e.g. Zoom / Vimeo)
  • Present session content
  • Liaise with the facilitator to display relevant content