Session Live Streaming Setup Considerations

There are some things to consider when running Session Live Streaming at your event. These considerations include the who will be managing what part of the live streaming software, and the three (3) major components associated with configuring and managing the live streaming during the event. How you plan to run Session Live Streaming at your event will guide you to best configure your project.

Who Manages What?

The major consideration when it comes to Session Live Streaming is who will be managing what. It is advised to have the following roles:

Role 1: Event Organiser

Event Organiser will do the bulk of the behind the scenes setup and configuration of software, including the various streaming and distribution platforms.


  • Configure MUX
  • Distribute Stream Key, Stream ID, Stream URL for each session
  • Create Zoom Meetings (where required)
  • Distribute live stream access details (e.g. dial-in details)

Role 2: Session Facilitator

Session Facilitator will manage the session as a whole. This includes managing the speaker during the session, controlling the audience view, managing Interactive Sessions and the live stream.

Please note: the Event Organiser and Session Facilitator can be the same person.


  • Attend sessions (e.g. Zoom)
  • Control audience view of Zoom Meeting or OBS 
  • Facilitate Interactive Sessions and control the Interactive Sessions Display Screen
  • Manage speakers in sessions

Role 3: Session Speaker

Session Speakers will be responsible for presenting their session. This includes speaking, sharing their camera (if required), and liaising with the facilitator to display relevant content


  • Attend session (e.g. Zoom)
  • Present session content
  • Liaise with the facilitator to display relevant content 

Live Streaming Components

There are three (3) major moving parts for Live Streaming. These include the Broadcasting Software where the video itself is generated, the Video Encoding and Distribution Platform which converts the video into a streaming format, and the Entegy CMS, which embeds the live stream into the web app alongside Interactive Sessions for a seamless event experience. 

Part 1: Broadcasting Software (e.g. Zoom Meetings, OBS etc.)

Broadcasting software allows you to use your computer’s webcam and/or other sources to create a video stream. This software will also allow you to combine videos, sounds and overlays, and push the composited video to a supplied URL. 

The broadcast software then needs to push the video to the video encoding and distribution platform.


A recommended broadcasting software is Zoom Meetings. This software is the easiest way to facilitate a session for live streaming using the Entegy CMS. 


A recommended broadcasting software is OBS Studio. This software is free and open-source software. Below are some selected help articles from the OBS Studio Help Centre:

Please note

If you wish to use a different broadcasting software, please speak to your Account Manager.

Part 2: Video Encoding and Distribution Platform (E.g. MUX)

Video encoding and distribution platforms will take the input video from the broadcasting software and convert this into the required format for live streaming. This provides an ‘output’ video link which is capable of being used by a large number of attendees. 

Once configured, the distribution platform will then produce a URL for the live stream, which will be input into the Entegy CMS to link these together.  


A recommended video encoding and distribution platform is MUX. This distribution software is a paid service but will allow you to easily link the broadcasting software to the Entegy CMS, and is included in the how-to guides in this section.

Please note

If you wish to use a different broadcasting software, please speak to your Account Manager.

Part 3: The Entegy Suite

Last but not least, we have the Entegy Suite. The Entegy Suite embeds a video player alongside the Entegy Interactive Sessions components. The video streaming directly from the broadcasting software plays directly from the supplied video link. This means the video is never stored on Entegy’s server.

Live Streaming Options

There are several Streaming configurations to choose from:

Live Streaming:

  1. Simple: Live Streaming - Zoom Only
  2. Intermediate: Live Streaming - Zoom + MUX
  3. Advanced: Live Streaming - OBS + MUX

Pre-Recorded Video:

  1. Simple: Pre-Recorded Video - MUX only
  2. Advanced: Mixed Media - Pre-Recorded Video + Live Streaming - OBS + MUX