Enable and Configure Meetings

Meetings must be enabled and configured before they can be implemented for your event. 

These configuration settings include selecting which schedule you’d like to use for your meetings (e.g. are there any sessions you’d like to prohibit attendees to hold meetings during), how long the meeting blocks will be, and some settings that relate directly to how attendees and exhibitors can interact with requested meetings. 

To enable and configure meetings:

  1. Navigate to App > Meetings from the Navigation Menu
  2. Enter a Title for your meetings page
  3. Navigate to Meeting Schedule and select your schedule from the drop-down list
  4. Configure your meetings as required:
    1. Meeting block length in minutes: How long will the meetings be (in minutes)
    2. Allow attendees to request meetings with other attendees: Enable attendees to request a meeting with a fellow attendee via the profile list
    3. Allow attendees to book meetings with exhibitors: Enable attendees to request meetings with exhibitors via the exhibitor’s page
    4. Allow exhibitors to reject meeting requests: Enable exhibitors to deny bookings requested by attendees
  5. Click Save


Configure Active Day Times for Meetings

In order for attendees to schedule meetings, the active day times must be configured on your current schedule. This will allow attendees to book meetings during these times. 

Please note: These times are NOT configured by default. If you wish for attendees to book meetings, this step MUST be completed. 

  • Dates/times on the schedule must be in the future
  • Active Day Times need to be set per day on the schedule. This will configure the times that attendees can schedule meetings
  1. Navigate to Content from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select your schedule from the list of pages
  3. Navigate to the relevant day tile across the top and click the settings cog
  4. Populate Start and End times with the active hours for the day. These times will become the active times that meetings can be booked
  5. Click Save


Configure Inactive Sessions for Meetings

As your event schedule is used to determine when attendees can book meetings, you may also wish to restrict when meetings can be held. For example, you may have a large plenary session that you wish all attendees to attend. You can prohibit meetings during this session slot on their schedule.

If you wish attendees to be able to book meetings at any time during the active day times, do not prohibit any sessions.

  1. Navigate to Content from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select your schedule from the list of pages
  3. Select the applicable schedule day from the horizontal tiles
  4. Select pencil icon for the session you wish to block out
  5. Navigate to Prohibit meetings during this session and select Yes
  6. Click Save