Setup Exhibitor Meetings

Meetings Manager allows exhibitors to organise meetings with attendees and fellow exhibitors. This feature enables exhibitors to send and receive meeting requests, and manage their own meetings schedule. The event organiser can also block out time important time blocks to not allow attendees to meet during these times.

Please note

Attendees and exhibitors MUST be logged into the event app to access meetings

Exhibitors will receive push notifications when a meeting has been scheduled with them, or a request has been accepted. Exhibitors can then message directly with the attendee or exhibitor they will be meeting with.

Exhibitors can manage their own meetings schedule via a dedicated Meetings icon on the Event App.

Exhibitor Teams used for Meetings will pull directly from the Exhibitor Teams for Lead Capture. Each team requires at least one (1) Team Admin to be assigned per exhibitor team. The Team Admin will be responsible for assigning meetings to a specific exhibitor team member.


Setup Exhibitor Meetings

1) Upload Exhibitors 

2) Configure Lead Capture *OPTIONAL*

3) Assign Exhibitor Team Members

4) Create Schedule

5) Enable and Configure Meetings

6) Configure Active Day Times for Meetings

7) *OPTIONAL* Configure Inactive Sessions for Meetings

8) Assign Team Admin

9) Test

10) Send Exhibitors Information about Meetings