How do I keep My Apple Developer Account up to date?

Apart from maintaining your Apple Developer subscription (yearly), Apple often makes changes to their Apple Developer agreements, which the Account Holder must agree to before any new apps or updates to existing apps can be made. 

REMEMBER: You can confirm if there are any other outstanding agreements by checking - outstanding agreements will be shown at the top of the page.

The most common agreements to change are;

  • Apple Developer Agreement
  • Paid Applications agreement (still required if you only have Free Apps)

TIP: If you are logged into your personal Apple ID - make sure your access your developer account Apple ID via another browser, or via incognito mode - to avoid any confusion.


Apple Developer Agreement

Apple: ID: Account holders Apple ID
Click the Review Agreement button, tick the check box, then click the "I agree" button

Example screenshot



Paid Applications agreement

Apple ID: Account holders Apple ID (only the account holder role is able to agree to any new terms and conditions set by Apple).
Instructions: Click the "View and Agree to Terms" link.

Example screenshot


Then tick the "I have read and agreed to the terms presented above". ​

Example screenshot


NOTE: No need to set up contact or banking details.