App Feature Statistics

Each App Feature has its own unique statistics and reporting post-event. Below is a list containing each of the various features and where to find the relevant statistics for each.

These features include:


Page Banners

Page banners can be created to appear at the bottom of the app. Banners can be used to draw attendees’ attention to something in the App.

To view Page Banner statistics:

  1. Navigate to App > Banners from the Navigation menu
  2. View the total and unique clicks for each individual banner


Submission Forms

Submission forms can be used to gather information from attendees. For example, session or speaker feedback, registering interest for next year’s event, voting on a poster listing etc.

To view and export Submission Form responses:

  1. Navigate to App > Submission Forms from the Navigation Menu
  2. View the total number of submissions for each form listed
  3. To export, click Export Submissions for each form, or click the drop-down on each option and select one of the following:
    1. Results by Question: show responses as a per question summary. Exportable as an excel file.
    2. Results by Submission: show responses per submission. Exportable as an excel file.
    3. Export PDF: export a stylised PDF for this specific form


Push Notifications

When sending push notifications, you are able to view statistics for how many attendees were sent the notification and how many have opened/viewed it.

More information on how to view Push Notification Statistics can be found here.


Popup Messages

Popup messages can be used to highlight important information to attendees when they navigate to pages in the App.

To view Popup Message statistics:

  1. Navigate to App > Popup Messages from the Navigation menu
  2. View the total views of individual Popup Message


Page Views

Page views for the event app are visible in the CMS. These are broken into Total Views (the total number of times the page was viewed) and Unique Views (the first view of each page by a unique attendee is recorded - E.g. 1 view per attendee).

To view Page Views:

  1. Navigate to App > Stats & Usage from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the All Page Views tab