Configure Session Live Streaming

Session Live Streaming is a fully integrated online experience for your attendees that can be used to incorporate both your live-streamed event or sessions and Interactive Sessions side-by-side on a single screen.

This allows attendees to watch the stream, ask questions, participate in audience polls and discuss topics on the same screen. Please refer to our other videos for more information regarding Interactive Sessions and the various features.

Session Live Streaming supports a variety of platforms such as Vimeo or Mux etc. You will receive an ‘embed code’ from your streaming provider that can be easily incorporated into the Entegy setup.


If you wish to stream a Zoom Meeting or Webinar, this can be done using another streaming platform, such as Mux or similar

Please note

Session Live Streaming is available on the web version of the event app and is currently not supported on mobile devices.


Key steps to configure Session Live Streaming include:


Input Live Stream URL Into the Entegy CMS

Firstly, we need to place our Live Stream URL into our session.

If you can’t find your session URL, it is typically part of an ‘Embed’ or ‘Share’ code, which can be found on your streaming provider's page. 

Input Live Stream URL

  1. Navigate to Content 
  2. Select your Schedule and click the Pencil Icon on your session
  3. Navigate to the Live Streaming section
    1. Live Streaming Provider Link - this is where you will page your Streaming URL, and
    2. Live Streaming Provider Type - This is where you select the type of streaming you will be using.
      1. HLS - takes a HTTP Live Streaming URL - eg Mux or anything similar
      2. Iframe Partial View - put the stream into an iframe at the top of the page that scrolls with the session info (e.g. Vimeo) 
      3. Iframe Full view - put the stream into a frame that takes up the whole left part and doesn't show any session info (e.g. Vimeo).
      4. External Link - a link at the top of the session to open in a new window. (E.g. Could create a Zoom link that opens in the native Zoom application).
  4. Click Save

If you wish to have your Live Stream next to your Interactive Sessions features, select Iframe Partial View, or if you only want the stream itself, select Iframe Full View. If you want to open in a native application, for example, opening on the Zoom app on your computer, select External Link.


This will need to be completed for each session requiring Session live Streaming.



Configure Live Streaming Settings

There are some basic settings that control how the Live Streaming window will open.

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Schedule
  2. Select the Session Settings tab
  3. Navigate to How to Open Streaming Links - Webapp Only and select from the following options
    1. New Window - Stream Only
    2. Current Window - Steam Only 
    3. New Window - Stream with Interactive Sessions
    4. Current Window - Stream with Interactive Sessions
  4. Click Save

Select CURRENT WINDOW - STREAM WITH INTERACTIVE SESSIONS for best viewing alongside Interactive Sessions.


Final Steps

The final steps needed to configure your session for Live Streaming are related to Interactive Sessions. This includes making your session interactive and setting it to live. Please refer to our Interactive Sessions videos for more information regarding this process.