Kiosk Manager Troubleshooting for Onsite Staff

We strongly recommend that you test your kiosk set up prior to your event - testing would include;

  • printing an attendee badge
  • scanning an attendee badge*
  • search using an attendee access code*
  • scan kiosk QR Code from Event App*
  • search attendee details*

* if applicable, not all options are used for every event.

For general troubleshooting;

My scanner beeps, and nothing happens when I scan an attendee badge - why?

Confirm that you have your scanner in the correct mode - kiosk manager requires your scanner to be in USB-Com mode (virtual com port) - a quick test, open note pad on the kiosk, scan a QR Code - if the QR code value can be seen, your scanner is in the incorrect moe (most likely, keyboard emulation mode).  Check your scanner documentation for assistance (or hardware supplier).  Most documentation will include a QR Code/barcode that can be scanned to change the scanner configuration.

‘Server Error’ on login

If you are met with this error when trying to log into the kiosk, please check your Kiosk Code and Event Code for any spelling mistakes, or additional whitespace appended to these codes. Note the Kiosk Code and Event Code are case insensitive.

Application Crash on Companion app print

The kiosk application has a fatal crash when printing from the companion app if the kiosk hasn’t been interacted with after login.

Cause: The function that handles the printer's status codes has not been initialised.

Fix: After the kiosk has been logged into, and the idle screen is running, tap the idle screen to navigate to the next screen. Once the kiosk has navigated past the idle screen, this bug is resolved.

Application Crash on login (Microsoft Surface in portrait)

The kiosk application can fatally crash on the Microsoft Surface in portrait orientation.

Cause: If the only background image loaded into the kiosk from the Entegy Kiosk Manager is only the Background Image Surface Portrait. This image is not loaded properly by the kiosk.

Fix: Load an image into either Background Image 16 : 9 or Background Image 5 : 4.

Application not responding to scanner input

If a QR code is scanned and the kiosk application does not respond to this i.e No loading screen appears, or print status showing.

Cause: The barcode scanners output has changed to keyboard mode.

Fix:  If the scanner is not recognised, then it is possible that the scanner defaulted back to keyboard mode. If this happens than a matrix code (USB-COM) will be needed to rescan and set the scanner mode. To get this code contact Entegy.

Printer not printing

A number of conditions can cause the printer not to function properly

Windows Check (From devices and printers)

  1. Check printer is connected via USB and power is on.
  2. Check "EPSON TM-C3500" is displaying under printers, and is the default printer. Ensure there are no duplicate instances of EPSON TM-C3500. Read more for duplicate instances.
  3. Check printer settings from intial setup

Kiosk Check (From Admin Menu)

  1. Check printer is connected via USB and power is on.
  2. Check correct printer is selected.
  3. Check correct paper size is selected.

Badge Check (From Core)

  1. Test download of the Badge to confirm file size is no larger than 300 KB (this is ideal size)

Badge Check (From Kiosk)

  1. If badge image has full colour blocks slow down print quality on the print driver
    Printing Preferences > General > Print Quality
  2. If badge design PDF background is made up of complex masking, shapes or effects these components may need to be saved as one image and PDF'd again from your design software

Extra Badge paper stock feeding through after a successful Badge print

This occurs when the printer driver settings are incorrectly configured for the height of the badge stock, resulting in printing two pages to fit the artwork.

Try measuring the back of the badge stock between the black cut marks and confirm the dimensions.

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