CMS Pt.3: Approving a Store Listing


Approving a Store Listing

Once you have fully prepared your Store Listing, the next step is to approve the App Submission.


Approve the App Submission

  1. Navigate to App > Store Listing from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select Review for Approval from the right-hand options
  3. Navigate through the below to confirm design mock-ups and terms and conditions
  4. Accept the terms and conditions
  5. Click Approve

Preview your design 

Review the design proof to ensure the App will look like any design proofs created by a designer. Please note: this proof is indicative only. Due to variations across devices; colours and text formatting may not display EXACTLY as they appear in this proof. Additionally, animations and navigation may be overlaid to these graphics as indicated below.

See below for an example of these design previews.

IOS preview example.
Left Phone Screen: icon and icon title
Right Phone Screen: icon and app store title


Android preview example
Left phone screen: icon and icon title
Right phone screen: feature header, icon, google play title and short description


Phone splash screen preview examples
smaller screens will crop splash image from top and bottom


Tablet splash screen example
smaller screens will crop splash image from top and bottom


Tick accept and click on approve to send it for the stores to approve.