What is Interactive Sessions?

Boost session participation. Add to Event App or use independently. Use the facilitator panel to moderate, create polls on the fly and manage what the audience can see and do. Present on a dynamic big screen display and integrate with attendee profiles to generate demographically rich data.


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Audience Polling: Poll using multi-choice, yes/no, or star rating. Pre-populate questions, or create them on-the-fly. Show results on the big screen.

Submitted Questions: Allow the audience to submit questions to the speaker. Show the question on the big screen, or turn it into an audience polling question.

Live Discussion: Open the conversation with live, chat-room style discussion.

Segmented Results: Show segmented results using attendee demographics.

Available via the Event App: Available direct from the Event App and individual session pages or standalone via a portal (container app).

Facilitator Dashboard: Preview, moderate, create and push content to user devices and display screens

Audience Display Screen: Present questions, comments and graphs that update in real-time. Match event theme with graphics and colours.