Interactive Sessions Glossary

Audience Polling: Enables attendees to be surveyed on a number of questions. Questions can either be pre-loaded, created on-the-fly, or pulled from Live Discussion and Submitted Questions.

Ask a Question/Submitted Questions: Enables attendees to submit questions directly to the speaker. These questions can then be pushed to the display screen to be addressed by the speaker or turned into an Audience Polling question for the audience.

Live Discussion: Can be used to create a social feed specific to a session. Comments from this discussion feed can be pushed to display screens or turned into Audience Polling questions for the audience.

Upvoting: Allows attendees to vote for the Submitted Questions they would most like the speaker to address. This feature is similar to a ‘like’ or ‘thumbs up’, indicating to the moderator/speaker which questions the attendees would most like answered.

Audience Polling Display Queue: When Audience Polling questions are created, they become part of the Display Queue. This queue will cycle through when using the Audience Polling feature. Each question will appear one after the other in the queue order.

Facilitator Dashboard: Used to enable, manage and utilise all Interactive Sessions features.

Interactive Sessions Display Screen Background / Holding Image: A holding screen used between asking Audience Polling questions or displaying a question/comment. This is essential if you are running Interactive Sessions.

Session Status: Controls how the audience can view and interact with the session from their mobile device. There are several statuses to choose from.

Session Status: Opening Soon: The session will appear as opening soon. Audience members will be unable to view the interactive session.

Session Status: Accepting Questions: The session will appear as accepting questions. Audience members will be able to ask questions and participate in the Audience Discussion.

Session Status: Live: The main state of Interactive Sessions. Used when ready to ask questions. This option enables all three features and allows audience members to vote on questions.

Session Status: Results: The session will appear as results only. Audience members will be able to view the results of any questions that were asked through Audience Polling but will be unable to comment on the Live Discussion or ask questions.

Session Status: Finished: The session will appear as finished. Audience members will be unable to view the interactive session.

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