App Main Menu Setup

The App Main Menu allows you to create menu items for your content pages and other features to be displayed on your App home screen. You can arrange the order, delete, edit and add custom icons within the CMS.

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Allow attendees to access app content
  2. Match event branding
  3. Control which icons are visible to attendees
  4. Create sponsorship opportunities

There are several default styles of icons to choose from in the CMS, or you can upload your own custom-designed icons. These icons can then be edited, sorted, made inactive, or removed from the Main Menu.

Icons on the Main Menu can link to both content (e.g. schedule, speakers, sponsors etc.) or features (e.g. QR Scanner, Activity Feed, Profile List etc.). Alternatively, if app content is not quite ready, the icon can be linked to a ‘coming soon’ message. 


Setup App Main Menu

1) Design App Appearance

2) Manage Main Menu Icons

2) Manage Custom Designed Icons

3) Link Content Pages to App Menu Icons

4) Link Features to App Menu Icons

5) Test