What is the Kiosk Manager?

Kiosk Manager streamlines attendee check-in with integrated registration data, badge printing and sign-up forms all accessed from a touchscreen display.

Staff are able to assist attendees with the Kiosk Companion enabling them to add, search, preview and edit attendees onsite from a mobile device.

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Monitor registration status - View live registration data anywhere.

Range of hardware options – Leverage the Ignite network.

Event branding - Kiosks can be custom designed to match your event theme or brand.

Manage registration queues - Manage on-site queues with multiple kiosks.

Integrated registration forms - Kiosks integrate with the Entegy Suite Registration element to enable on-site sign-up.

Accommodate last-minute changes and attendee preferences - Changes in the Core & Companion App instantly update kiosk. 

Multifaceted ‘Check-in’ options - Print attendee badges on-site with touchscreen technology and QR scanners

Kiosk Companion - Enable registration staff to search, preview and edit profiles live, reprint badges and assist attendees.