Setup Kiosk Manager

This guide takes you through the process of setting up Kiosk Manager for a project in the CMS.


1) Create Your Project

  1. Contact your Entegy distributor

2) Design Kiosk

  1. Confirm Kiosk design requirements

3) Confirm Profile Requirements

4) Confirm Scan Method

5) Design Badges

6) Confirm Hardware Requirements

  1. Confirm how attendees will check in
  2. Confirm attendee flow
  3. Order Kiosk hardware

7) Setup Hardware (for Ignite AV providers)

  1. Configure in CMS
  2. Installation
  3. Configure display screens
  4. Test
  5. On-site setup and login

8) Setup Staff

  1. Provide Kiosk Companion access

9) Load Attendee Profiles

  1. Upload your attendee profile data to the CMS

10) Communication

  1. Confirm attendee communication requirements
  2. Provide staff with Kiosk Companion instructions

11) Setup Complete - Test