Configure a Capture Registration Email

How to configure a Capture registration email

If you are not using the Entegy Registration Element you will need to configure the Registration Confirmation Email.

To configure confirmation email

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Emails from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the Registration Complete template
  3. Insert code as required (paste in suggested copy from one of the links below or build your own with the available merge tags)
  4. Click Save

Suggested Copy:

<body><p></p><h2>Dear {FIRSTNAME}</h2><p></p>

<p>Thanks for registering for the Capture app.</p>

<p>If you logout of the Capture app you will need the following login details to rejoin your team:</p>

<p></p><h2>Access the app</h2><p></p>


<li>Enter the Event Code: {PROJECT-ACCESSCODE}</li>

<li>Enter your {AUTH-LINEONE-NAME}: <strong>{AUTH-LINEONE-VALUE}</strong></li>

Only include the following line if login authentication includes a second line

<li>{AUTH-LINETWO-NAME}: <strong>{AUTH-LINETWO-VALUE}</strong></li>

</ol><p></p><h2>To use the Capture app</h2><p></p>


<li><strong>Scan Attendee Badges</strong> Tap to scan, hold badge 20cm from camera with the QR in the centre screen. A green tick indicates a successful scan.</li>

<li><strong>Manage and Export Leads</strong> Tap the ‘Leads’ button then on a profile to take notes and answer qualifying questions. Click the ‘Export’ button to email a CSV of all captured data to yourself.</li>


<p>If you have any questions or issues, please contact your event organiser.</p></body>

To upload email header

A branded email header will need to be uploaded to the Core. The email header image size is 600px x (100px - 400px). 

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Emails from the Navigation Menu
  2. Navigate to the Design tab
  3. Click Upload 
  4. Select an image to upload through the image importer
  5. Click Save