Lead Capture Communication Template for Exhibitor Team Code

How to complete the exhibitor communication template

A mail merge template can be found at the bottom of this article. This can be used to help distribute Capture details. Some fields will need to be populated from information in the CMS.

To find the Event Code for your event

Event codes are used to identify a specific event. This must be entered so exhibitors are accessing the correct event through the Capture app.

  1. Navigate to Dashboard from the Navigation Menu
  2. Navigate to the Project Information card and find your Event Code

To export Exhibitor Name and Team Codes from the CMS

Exhibitor Name and Team Code are exported together from the CMS. These can then be merged at the same time into the template.

  1. Navigate to Profiles > Exhibitor Teams from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select Download Exhibitor Code Spreadsheet from the right-hand options