Create Session Segments

How to create Session Segments

Session segments are used to show sessions inside a parent. These might be used to display an abstract listing, or to add an additional layer of complexity to your schedule.

Session Segments can be useful for displaying basic session information but have limited capacity to work with other features of the suite (e.g. No Attendance Tracking for a Segment or no ability for Interactive Sessions).


To create Session Segments

  1. Navigate to Content from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select your schedule from the list of pages
  3. Select the applicable schedule day from the horizontal tiles
  4. Select pencil icon for the session you wish to update
  5. Select the Session Segments tab
  6. Click +
  7. Enter a Title, Start Time, End Time and Copy  (as applicable)
  8. Click Save

Attached speakers can be linked after the Session Segment has been created.