Configure In-app Badges

How to configure in-app badges

In-app badges allow attendees to access their unique QR code without the need for a physical attendee badge. These badges contain essential attendee details and their personal QR code. The QR code on the in-app badge is the same as the QR found on a physical badge and can be used the same way a physical badge would.

NOTE: Attendees will need to be logged into the App to use this feature.

To create an in-app badge

  1. Navigate to App > In-app Badge from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click the + button
  3. Input a Badge Name
  4. For each Line, please select the Profile Field, Font Size and Colour. Please note your App colour scheme to ensure font colour is readable.  
    1. Line One will use the Details Bar Background Colour as the background colour*
    2. Lines Two to Four will use the Quote / Breakout Background Colour as the background colour*
  5. Click Save

Tip: if not all four lines can be filled, set the unwanted field font colour to the same as the background colour to hide it.

*The in-app badge will use the Details Bar Background Colour and Quote / Breakout Background Colour for the badge, both set under App > App Appearance.

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