In-app Badge Setup

In-app badges allow attendees to access their unique QR code without the need for a physical attendee badge.

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Allow attendees to be scanned without needing a physical badge
  2. Create a fully electronic event (no printed badges)

Please note

Attendees must be logged into the Event App to use this feature.

These badges contain essential attendee details and their personal QR code. The QR code on the in-app badge is the same as the QR found on a physical badge and can be used the same way a physical badge would.

Up to 4 lines of data can be displayed on the badge. This includes basic information such as First Name, Last Name and Profile Type, as well as any other profile field. 


Setup In-app Badge

1) Design App Appearance

2) Setup App Appearance

3) Configure In-app Badge

4) Link In-app Badge Feature to Main Menu Icon

5) Test