Configure Smart Redirects

How to configure smart redirects

Smart Redirects allow you to show targeted content to attendees based on profile or device information. For example: showing single day attendees a different schedule to full event attendees, or showing different feedback forms for exhibitors, sponsors and event attendees.

Smart redirects can be simple or complex, allowing for as many attendee criteria or target pages as required. For example, one icon might redirect to several different content pages based on profile type.

To create a Redirection Rule

  1. Navigate to App > Smart Redirects from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click + to create a new Smart Redirect
  3. Enter a Redirect Name
  4. Click the + to create a new Redirection Rule
  5. Select a Redirect target and action
    1. Target The page the redirect rule will take the attendee to
    2. Action The attendee criteria for the rule (e.g. Profile Type is Staff or Users logged in)
  6. Click Add
  7. Once all redirection rules have been added, click Save

Example rules:

if profile.type is equal to Exhibitor go to Exhibitor Schedule

if profile.loggedIn is equal to true go to Event Information

if profile.galadinner is equal to Yes go to Gala dinner menu

Optional: select an Else Redirect Target in the event that users to do not qualify for any attendee criteria of the Redirection Rules. This Else Redirection Rule will act as a fallback.

To edit/delete a Redirection Rule

  1. Navigate to App > Smart Redirects from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the desired Smart Redirect
  3. Hover over the desired Redirection Rule
  4. Select the pencil icon to edit, or the cross to delete
  5. Click Save

To link a smart redirect to a main menu icon

  1. Navigate to App > Main Menu from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click + to open New Menu Item window
    *Recommend you start at the bottom of this window at Target Page
  3. Select a Target Page
    1. Click Coming Soon Message
    2. Navigate to Features and Click + Expand
    3. Navigate to Smart Redirects and Click + Expand
    4. Select the relevant smart redirect
  4. Select an Icon Image
  5. Input an Icon Title
  6. Click Save