Smart Redirects Setup

Smart Redirects allow you to show targeted content to attendees based on profile or device information.

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Display targetted content/information to groups of attendees
  2. Allow different attendee groups to view different and relevant information

Please note

Attendees must be logged in to access this feature.

Smart redirects can be simple or complex, allowing for as many attendee criteria or target pages as required. For example, one icon might redirect to several different content pages based on profile type.

Smart redirects utilise profile type and other multiple-choice custom fields. This information is used to formulate rules to direct attendees to relevant information based on their profile data.

The smart redirect is then linked to an icon, which will automatically direct attendees to their relevant content.


Setup Smart Redirects

1) Create Content

2) Upload Attendee Profiles

3) Configure Smart Redirects

4) Link Smart Redirect Feature to Main Menu Icon

5) Test