What are Profiles?

One of the most powerful sections of the CMS is a database of profiles. Profiles are live and dynamic, they are connected to every product in CMS.

For example, you can use profiles to uniquely generate badges, monitor attendance to sessions, capture exhibitor leads, run interactive sessions with demographic-based results and much more.

Profiles can contain as much or little information as required by an event organiser. This information is managed through profile types and fields.

Profile Types
Profile types are used to break attendees into distinct groups. Creating these groups can enhance other elements and increase functionality.  E.g. there may be different badges for exhibitors and attendees, or control entry to certain sessions based on profile type.

Profile Fields 
Profile fields are used to house additional profile information. These include:

  • Fixed fields are default fields set in the Core: Title, First Name, Last Name, Email, Organisation, Position and Contact Number
  • Identification fields are fields for reference data. E.g. a staff or membership number
  • Customisable fields are fields for additional information. E.g. office address or gala dinner ticket