Profile Considerations

The following products and features integrate with Profiles in the CMS. These can be enhanced with customised profile types and fields as outlined below.

The following products and features can be enhanced with custom profile types and fields.

Event App

Push Notifications can be enhanced through the use of push notification categories. These are used to send targeted push notifications to specific groups of attendees. For example, exhibitors and staff may need to receive important information about bump-in, but attendees don't need to know.

Personalised content (Smart Redirects) allow you to show targeted content to attendees based on profile or device information. For example: showing single day attendees a different schedule to full event attendees, or showing different feedback forms for exhibitors, sponsors and event attendees.

Attendee Connect

Profile Lists allow app users to view and search other attendees, send private messages and view other attendee's leaderboard rank. Profile fields can be visible on the Profile List to create a comprehensive profile for the attendee. 

Leaderboard teams can be used to group attendees and share points to see which group has the largest number of points. For example, Day 1 attendees earned more points than Day 2 attendees or attendees at table 2 at the Gala Dinner, earned more points than those at table 6.

Attendance Tracking

Session access rules are created to restrict attendee access to particular sessions based on attendee profile types or customisable profile fields. The more information entered about an attendee, the more opportunities to create session access rules. For example, only those who have paid for the Gala Dinner can enter, or only those who have registered to attend Workshop A can enter.

Interactive Sessions

Polling demographics allow event organisers to compare results based on additional data about attendees. For example, attendees aged 25-40 prefer to take the bus to work, whereas 50-65 year olds would rather drive their car.

Lead Capture

Lead profile data can be enhanced by selecting which profile types and fields can be exported by exhibitors through the Capture App.  

Badge Creator

Dynamic designs and text show information directly from profile fields and types. These fields and types can be used to create display rules, allowing for some attendees to have additional information on their badges. For example, those attending the Gala Dinner might have a small icon visible on their badge to show they are attending, or attendees travelling on shuttle bus B will have this listed on their badge for easy reference.