Configure the Profile List

How to configure the profile list

The profile list shows a list of those attendees who choose to be visible in the list. The profile list is setup by default, however, the profile information displayed can be configured with the below options.

NOTE: Profiles will need to be visible in order to appear in the profile list.


To configure profile list

  1. Navigate to Attendee Connect > Profile List from the Navigation Menu
  2. Configure the following options:
  3. Click Save

Page title The title of the page in the app. It is recommended that this matches the title given to the icon on the Main Menu.

Page header A custom page headers can be added to the profile list. If no custom header is added, this will default to the generic header set in App > App Appearance.

Sort by The profile list can either be sorted by first or last name.

Profile fields that will be used in the profile list This setting controls which three profile fields are visible from the profile field list view.

TIP: Profiles need to be ‘Visible and Allow Messaging’ to send in-app messages. The profile list acts as a contact list for attendees. If a profile is not set to  ‘Visible and Allow Messaging’, they will not be able to be messaged.


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