Create a New Project

How to create a new event project

Projects can be created through the Core. The Project Setup wizard allows basic project information to be entered, as well as a basic App structure created (if using the App element).

By going through the process outlined below, you will be able to order elements and be given an estimated price for the project.

To create a new project

  1. Navigate to the downward pointing arrow from the Navigation Menu (top left)
  2. A menu will open
  3. Select Create a Project
  4. Complete the below Project Information
  5. Click Create Project
  6. Search for the project in the CMS

Project Information to complete:

Select Region

Select the region your event will be taking place in. Regions are set per partner account and will be inclusive of your specific region (e.g. AUS, UK, etc.).

Select Project Type

Select the Event project type. This is a single event between 1-10 days in duration.

Event Information

Enter the relevant event information. This will start to build the basis of your project. Event Information includes the below:

  • Project Name
  • Short Project Name
  • Event Code
  • External Reference
  • Event Date
  • Location information e.g. venue, timezone etc.
  • General event information e.g. event website, payment etc.

Attendee Information

Attendee Information relates directly to the billing. The size and scale of your event stipulated in these responses, will determine which price bracket your event falls into. Attendee Information includes:

  • Estimated attendance
  • Location (local, national, international)
  • Event Privacy (public, private or both)

Software Information

Select your applicable elements for the event. These could include Attendee Connect, Attendance Tracking, Lead Capture, Kiosk Manager etc. As more elements are added, the project estimate will auto-calculate at the bottom of the page. Agreeing to this estimate is confirmation you are wanting to order and be invoiced for these elements.

Note: The Store Listing element is only required for standalone Apps.

Content and Settings

Use this step to setup the basics of your project. You can use the wizard to setup relevant pages with corresponding icons, import content from a previous project, and attach the relevant portals (e.g. event portal or Capture portal). The Content and Settings include:

  • Select App portal (if selected App element)
  • Select Capture portal (if selected Lead Capture element)
  • Select Content setup Option
    • Blank Start with a blank project and build your content from scratch
    • Quick setup Create basic content pages to get you on your way
    • Import Import all content and selected templates from a previous project (Note: if you just want to import design this can be completed after the project has been created)
  • Select App Content (if selected Quick Setup) from the following options:
    • About
    • Schedule
    • Speakers
    • Sponsors
    • FAQs
    • Directions
    • Floor Plans
    • Exhibitors
    • Social Media
    • QR Scanner
    • In-app Badges
    • Notifications
    • Attendee List
    • Activity Feed
    • Profiles and Bookmarks
    • Leaderboard and Achievements
    • Add Default Achievements
  • Select App icon style (if selected Quick Setup) from the following options:
    • Line circle
    • Solid
    • Solid circle
    • Line
  • Select content to import to new project (if selected Import)

Next Steps:

Add Project Users

Update design: