Create a Demo Project

How to create a demo project

Demo projects can be created to show a client the various functionality available with an event app without needing to setup a whole project from scratch.

To create a demo project

  1. Navigate to the downward pointing arrow from the Navigation Menu (top left)
  2. A menu will open
  3. Select Create a Project
  4. Select Region
  5. Select Demo as project type
  6. Select the appropriate demo project template from the list
  7. Input a Project Name and Short Project Name
  8. Input an Event Code - Clients will use this code to access the app
  9. Select a Portal from the drop-down list
  10. Input relevant email addresses to send the demo templated email (optional)
  11. Click Create and wait for the project to be created
  12. Search for the project in the CMS

Next step:

Will you be taking your client through the CMS? Add your client as a CMS user to the demo project

Update design, if required