Starting Your Content

Content is the collective term for all page information in the App. Content is created in the Core using page types; each page type is used for a specific type of content. For example, a schedule page type will be used to build a schedule, and an exhibitors page type lists exhibitor information and allows for them to be mapped onto a floor plan.

What content will be part of your App?

It is important to consider what content will be part of the App before getting started creating pages and building the App. Think about any collateral or information on a website that an attendee might see between now and the event. Which of this information will be valuable on the day or in the few weeks leading up to the event? Is there anything

For example:

  • Schedule
  • Abstracts
  • Speakers
  • Exhibitors
  • Sponsors
  • Attendee Information
  • Venue Information
  • Link to event website


1) Confirm Page Requirements

After selecting what content is required in the App, consider which page types will suit your content. For additional page display features, read more about content display options here

  1. Select page types 
  2. Page type features

2) Create Pages 

Create page types to upload content to

3) Manage Pages 

Import, export and manage page content

4) Format Pages 

Format content copy to include external links, contact details and styling