Content Display Options

Content is displayed through the App using page types and container pagesPages can be set to display content with a variety of display options. For example, copy can be edited to include bolding, heading styles, links to websites etc., and custom page headers can be added to pages to enhance design.

Styling pages 

Pages can be formatted using the copy editor to ensure content is interesting and engaging.

Custom page headers 

Custom page headers can be added to override the generic header uploaded through App > Appearance.

Page groups 

Page groups act as sub menus and can be styled with a variety of image and text display options. Page groups are referred to as Blank Groups in the Core.

Logos and images 

Logos and images can be uploaded to content pages. Some specific content pages types require different image sizes.

Schedule Styling

Schedule content pages can be styled using the Schedule Builder. The Schedule Builder has many features to display your schedule in the best way possible.

Exhibitor Floor Plan Mapping 

When using an exhibitor page type, booth locations can be mapped on a floorplan to display in the App.

Displaying abstracts and posters in-app 

Abstracts and posters are best displayed in the app through an abstract page type. Abstract page types support both plain text and accompanying PDF abstracts/posters, and can link directly to a speaker or session.