Configure In-app Signup

How to configure in-app signup

The signup form allows attendee data to be captured directly into the Core to allow for login and access to an App that may otherwise be locked to the public. The signup form is available through the App element and is only accessible through the event App.

The App can be configured to incorporate signup as a login method, allowing users to download your event App and register before having access to the App.

Please note: you can only have 1 signup form per project.

Example of app login page with register option


Example of registration form in-app


To configure a signup form

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Signup Form from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click Edit Signup Form from the right-hand options

Refer to the Registration form builder article for more information about building your signup form.

To configure the signup completed email

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Emails from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click on the Design tab to update your email design.
  3. Click on the Template Tab and select Registration Complete to create your html email.

Refer to the Email Templates for basic examples.

To enable in-app signup

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Profiles from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click the Login & Authentication tab
  3. Navigate to Options > In-app Registration Form
  4. Select Signup Form from the drop-down
  5. Click Save
  6. Navigate to Project Configuration > Project from the Navigation Menu 
  7. Navigate to Access Type and select Profile Login from the drop-down menu
  8. Click Save


To change login instructions for your requirements

  1. Navigate to App > Settings from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click the Terms tab
  3. Navigate to Password View > Enter Access Code
  4. Update as required
  5. Click Save