Configure In-app Signup

The event app can be configured to incorporate signup as a login method, allowing attendees to download your event app and register before having access to the app.

Configure Signup Form

Firstly, the signup form must be setup to incorporate all the attendee information you wish to capture at registration. This might include any custom profile fields or basic information such as organisation/position.

To configure a signup form

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Signup Form from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click Edit Signup Form from the right-hand options

Refer to the Registration form builder article for more information about building your signup form.


Configure Registration Complete Email

Upon registering in-app, attendees can receive an email with their login details and further information about the event app.

By default, the template for this email is blank and must be populated prior to launching your in-app signup form.

Please note

This is an optional step and is not required.

To configure the signup completed email

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Emails from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click on the Design tab to update your email design.
  3. Click on the Templates tab and select Registration Complete to insert your html email or create your own using the builder.

Refer to the Email Templates for some examples.


Enable In-app Signup Form

Once created, and registration complete email template configured (optional), the form must then be enabled as a login method.

Please note

When the in-app signup form is enabled, the login option will always remain visible. This will allow attendees to log back into the event app if they happen to log out, or need to login on another device.

To enable in-app signup

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Profiles from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click the Login & Privacy tab
  3. Navigate to Login Options > In-app Registration Form
  4. Select Signup Form from the drop-down
  5. Click Save
  6. Navigate to Project Configuration > Project from the Navigation Menu 
  7. Navigate to Access Type and select Profile Login from the drop-down menu
  8. Click Save