Setup Store Listing

This guide takes you through the process of setting up the Store Listing for your project in the CMS.


1) Confirm Deployment Option

Deployment Option - Embedded App

1) Link app to an existing portal

  1. Talk to your distributor

Deployment Option - Custom App/Portal

1) Setup Apple Store Accounts

  1. Create an Apple ID
  2. Apply for the Apple Developer Program
  3. Invite Entegy to your Apple Developer Account

2) Setup Google Play Store Accounts

  1. Create a Google Account
  2. Apply for the Google Play Developer Console
  3. Invite Entegy to your Google Play Developer Account

3) Link Store Accounts to the Entegy CMS

4) Complete the Store Account Setup Checklist

5) Prepare App for Submission

6) Prepare Store Listing in the CMS

7) Approve Store Listing in the CMS

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