Attendee Connect Glossary

Gamification: Create a game out of the app. Attendees can earn points by interacting in and through the app.

Leaderboard: Points and achievements appear in the in-app leaderboard where attendees can view each others’ progress, achievement tally and overall ranking.

Points: Awarded for performing single actions in the app, such as posting to the Activity Feed or viewing a Push Notification. Each action is allocated its own number of points.

Achievements: Awarded for performing specific actions multiple times in the app. Working with the point system, achievements are awarded on top of any points for completing the action

Default Achievements: System-created achievements and point allocations that can be enabled for easy setup.

Activity Feed: A feature that allows attendees to comment on a session, speaker, exhibitor and sponsor content pages. These comments will appear on the content page and in the Activity Feed.

Post: When an attendee uploads a message or image to the Activity Feed or comments on a content page.

Messaging: a feature that allows attendees to send private in-app messages to one another.

Profile List: A list of all attendees who are set to visible. This list allows app users to view and search other attendees, send private messages and view other attendees leaderboard rank.

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