Popup Messages Setup

Popup messages can be used to highlight important information to attendees when they navigate to pages in the App. 

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Create sponsorship opportunities
  2. Draw attention to features in the app
  3. Welcome attendees to the app

Popups can contain a title, either copy or an image, and can also include a link to another page in the App.

Popup messages can be linked to an individual content or feature page or can a Welcome Popup can be configured to display when an attendee first opens the app. Popups can either display the first time or every time the attendee views the page. This is set per page.


Popup messages must be created first before they can be linked to individual pages or configured as the Welcome Popup. Each popup is created and linked from the specific content or feature page in the CMS.


Setup Popup Messages

1) *Optional* Design Popups

2) Configure Popup Messages

3) *Optional* Create a Welcome Popup

4) Link Notifications Feature to Main Menu Icon

5) Test