Request Portal Update

It is important to keep your portals fairly close to the most recent build version, especially if you have upcoming events. If your build version is vastly different from the latest versions, you may want to resubmit your portal to access the latest updates. 


Please note

Requesting an update more than once in the space of a month may incur an additional fee.

You will also require a portal update if you are wanting to update or change any Store Listing information.

Please note

If you are resubmitting a portal you must have at least one (1) active project linked to the portal, and the details of this project will need to be included in the Additional Notes section of the Store Listing page when resubmitting (e.g. Project Number etc.).

To resubmit your portal through the Entegy CMS:

  1. Navigate to your portal project in the CMS
  2. Navigate to Store Listing from the Navigation Menu
  3. Select Revise Build Status from the right-hand options
  4. Select Request an Update and agree to the terms
  5. Click Save
  6. Make any required updates
    1. In additional notes, please list an active project linked to this portal that will be used for submission and screenshots. Please include Project Number and any login details, if required.
  7. Click Review for Approval
  8. Agree to the terms
  9. Click Approve