Shared Password Setup

Shared passwords are used to keep content private without needing profile data. This is typically used when there are no profiles or the need for profile-related features (e.g. Activity Feed, Profile List etc.), but event app content cannot be publicly accessible.

Please note

To use any profile-related app features such as the activity feed or in-app badge, attendees must be logged into the app with a profile or registered via the in-app signup form.

 A shared password allows all attendees to enter the same password/code to access app content. 

This may be a simple way to protect the event app from non-attendees accessing app content, however, it is not a very secure access method. Shared passwords can be easily obtained and anyone can access the event app. If you require a more secure login method, it is recommended to use profile login, as this requires unique login credentials for each individual attendee.


If you have an embedded app, attendees will be required to enter both the event code AND shared password with this attendee access method. This makes app access slightly more secure.


Setup Shared Password

1) Configure a Shared Password