Configure Kiosk to Scan Attendee QR Code

The kiosk can be configured to scan a unique QR code per attendee to print a badge. This QR code could be included in their registration ticket, confirmation email or in the event app as an in-app badge. 

To confirm kiosk to scan attendee QR code 

  1. Navigate to Badges > Kiosk Manager from the Navigation Menu and select the relevant Kiosk from the list
  2. Confirm the following settings:
    1. Allow Scanning: YES
  3. Click Save


If you are only using the Kiosk to Scan QR Code option, all other check-in methods will need to be set to ‘No’. If you are using multiple check-in methods, then all relevant options will be enabled. This must be completed at a per-kiosk level and will control which screen button options are available for attendees.

Configure Kiosk Global Settings: Scan Attendee QR Code

Once the kiosk option is confirmed, the global setting must be configured. These are the settings controlling all kiosks and identify what format the kiosks are using (e.g. what code will attendees be entering etc.).

To configure kiosk global settings:

  1. Navigate to Badges > Kiosk Manager from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click the Global Settings tab
  3. Navigate to Scanning Format
  4. Select the relevant option from the drop-down menu
  5. Click Save


The most common setup for the scanning format is Badge Reference. This will be the unique badge reference coming from either your registration system (e.g. Eventbrite or EventsAir) or the auto-generated Entegy QR code. Learn more about custom QR codes/badge references here.