Scan QR Code Setup

One of the check-in options on a kiosk is to scan QR codes. There are two (2) different scanning options for kiosks. These include the kiosks scanning a unique attendee QR code, or the attendee scanning an event QR code via the event app. 

Kiosk to Scan Attendee QR Code

Allowing the kiosk to scan an attendee QR code is a simple way for attendees to check-in onsite and print their badge. Unique attendee QR codes can be provided in a registration email, e-ticket for the event, or as an in-app badge through the event app.

An attendee will simply walk up to the kiosk, select the scanning options, scan their QR code, and the kiosk will automatically print their personalised badge. 

Please note

If using an in-app badge, attendees must be logged into the event app to use this feature.

If using this option, attendees must be provided with their unique QR codes for scanning. 


Attendee to Scan Kiosk QR Code

Another scanning option is for the attendee to scan an event-specific QR code presented on the kiosk, using the event app. This option utilises a unique feature of the kiosk, which allows the kiosk to use the profile an attendee is logged into in the event app, and print their personalised badge when the event-specific QR code is scanned through the event app.

Please note

Attendees must be logged into the event app, and have access to the QR scanner to use this feature.

Setup Scan QR Code

1) Confirm Profile Requirements

2) Upload Profiles

3) Confirm App Access Method *optional*

4) Configure Kiosk Hardware

5) Configure setup

  1. Configure Kiosk to Scan Attendee QR Code
  2. Configure Attendee to Scan Kiosk QR Code

6) Communication