Registration FAQs

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Profile Type used for on my Regsitration Form?
  2. How do I set up my Ticket Types for my Regsitration Form?



FAQ: What is Profile Type used for on my Registration Form?

A: Profile Type is a required field on your Entegy Registration Form. This field is designed to be a hidden and forced field to help group your registrants. This field will be configured like this by default when you create a new form

For example, all registrants registering via the Attendee Registration Form will automatically be 'Attendee' in the CMS due to a forced and hidden Profile Type Field on the Form.

It's recommended to group registrants into broad categories such as Staff, Attendee, Exhibitor etc.

If you wish for attendees to select a Ticket Type, this will need to be configured as a Custom Text Field.


FAQ: How do I set up my Ticket Types for my Registration Form?

For registrants to select a Ticket Type (with optional paid ticket choices), you must set these up as a Multiple Choice Custom Question.

Here, you can add as many ticket types as you like under a single question, and pricing can be added per selectable option. These prices can then be displayed next to each of the options in the list, depending on your Form Settings.