Attendee Invite Links

Attendees can be invited to register for your event through invite emails containing an attendee-specific registration URL. This specific URL will allow attendees to complete a registration form, which is pre-populated with any imported information about them. This form allows them to confirm their attendance and any other additions for the event, before being allowed access to the event app, to print their badge etc. 


In order to generate these URLs and email them to your attendees, you will need to:

  1. Import the attendee's information as 'inactive' for those who you wish to invite to register
  2. Create a Registration Form that is 'Invite Only'
  3. Configure Live URL for Registration Form
  4. Create an Email Campaign with the merge tag {INVITELINK}
  5. Send your invite Email Campaign 

Outlined below are the steps required to configure this process.


Import Attendee Information as 'Inactive'

When using Attendee Invite Links, you first need to import your attendees with an 'inactive' status. Once the attendee clicks the link and completes the relevant information, their status will automatically be updated to 'active', which allows them access to log into the event app, print their badge etc. 


When importing profiles, ensure you are importing with the Profile Status as INACTIVE. 



Create a Registration Form that is 'Invite Only'

When using the Attendee Invite, you have the option to only send your registration form out to those imported inactive profiles.

You could also create a mixed registration method, where attendees who are in the Entegy CMS can be invited to register, and other attendees, not yet in the CMS, can also use the same form to register. 


Invite Only = Only imported inactive attendees can use the form. Information imported will be pre-populated on the form. The form will be closed to attendees who are not invited.

Mixed-Method = Both invited attendees and the general public can complete the registration form. Information will be pre-populated on the form for those invited attendees.

To enable Invite Only

  1. Navigate to Registration > Form Setup from the Navigation Menu
  2. Open the relevant Registration Form
  3. Select Form Settings
  4. Navigate to Invite Only and tick the check box
  5. Click Save
  6. Publish your Registration Form



Configure Live URL for Registration Form

Once your Registration Form has been configured, you will need to create the Live URL to be sent with the Attendee Invite. 

This URL can be personalised to include an event name, or if you have multiple forms, some kind of identifier to distinguish between them.

Please note

This will need to be done for each individual registration form


There is also the capacity to configure a custom domain to host the registration form. To learn more, please contact Entegy Support.

To configure Live Registration URL:

  1. Navigate to Regsitration > Form Setup from the Navigation Menu 
  2. Navigate to the relevant form from the list, and select Configure URLs from the drop-down menu
  3. Navigate to Live URL and input the suffix for the URL (e.g.[YOUR_TEXT] )
  4. Click Save



Create an Email Campaign with the merge tag {INVITELINK}

In order to send your Attendee Invite, create an Email Campaign template containing the merge tag {INVITELINK}. This merge tag will automatically populate with the Live URL for the selected registration form when the Email Campaign is sent out to attendees.


The {INVITELINK} merge tag currently cannot be linked to a button or an image. This URL will need to populate like the screenshot below.




Send your invite Email Campaign 

Once your attendees are imported, the registration form and live URL configured, you can send your invite email to attendees. 

Please note

Email Campaigns only allows for campaigns to be queued and sent in the 'future'. To send instantly, ensure the send date and time is the current date/time.

To queue an email campaign to send:

  1. Navigate to Email Campaigns > Campaigns from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click Create an Email Campaign from the right-hand options
  3. Input a Name for the email campaign
  4. Input the Subject. This will display in the attendee’s inbox when the email is received
  5. Select the relevant Email Template from the drop-down. When selecting a template with the merge tag {INVITELINK}, you will also be able to choose a Form
  6. Select which Form you would like to send with the Attendee Invite Link. The Live URL for this form will auto-populate in the {INVITELINK} merge tag
  7. Navigate to Schedule Campaign and select the checkbox
  8. Confirm Time Zone - this will auto-populate from the Project Time Zone (Project Configuration > Project)
  9. Select the Date and Send Time
  10. Configure the Send To Profile Filter
    1. Ensure you are sending to Inactive Profiles
    2. Add further filters as relevant
  11. Click Save