Event Project vs Submission Project

An additional requirement of a portal is the need for a submission project. This is the project that Apple and Google review when we submit the app for approval or updates. This project will also be used for screenshots on the store listing component.

This guide includes:



Below is a diagram outlining how the different projects work together:

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 9.58.11 am.png

The blue square indicates the portal itself. This is an empty vessel until you attach some event projects to it. These event projects are indicated in green.

The final piece is the submission project, which is shown in purple.

These event projects and submission project live inside the portal shell, so your attendees only need to download one single portal from the app stores to access multiple event projects.


Event Project

Your event project is the main priority when it comes to using your portal longer term. This will be the project/app used by your attendees at your event. You will have an event project PER EVENT, and those events will be accessed via your portal. 

Your event project is where all your event-specific information will be uploaded such as schedule, speakers, exhibitors, attendee lists etc. 

It is likely that you will have multiple event projects.

To access your event project via the portal, attendees can either click an event-specific  portal tile, or enter an event-specific code. For more information on the configuration options, please refer to the Tile vs Code Portal video.


Submission Project

On the other hand, we have the submission project. This is an additional requirement of a portal. 

This is the project that Apple and Google review when the portal is submitted for approval or updates. This project will also be used for screenshots on the store listing component.

You have two options when choosing a submission project:

  1. Create an Entegy Demo and update the branding to match your portal design, or
  2. Use an upcoming event project


OPTION 1: Entegy Demo

If you choose to use an Entegy Demo, this will require minimal work from you. You will simply need to update the App Appearance to match your portal branding, as all content and icons are created for you. However, all content will be for the Pollen8 Conference demo app in your screenshots. This content can be updated if needed. 

Another benefit of using an Entegy Demo is that this submission project can be used multiple times when the portal is updated in the future.


OPTION 2: Upcoming Event

If you choose to use an upcoming event for your submission project you will be able to showcase your event in the portal screenshots. There are a few caveats with choosing this option.

Firstly, the project must meet all requirements for a submission. There must be at least 6 content icons on your app main menu. Each of these icons must have content behind it, and we must demonstrate app functionality; in other words, we need to show Apple and Google that the app can provide more functionality than a basic website would. 

A few other requirements include:

  • Menu items must not link to a ‘coming soon’ message
  • Completed app design and colours

There is a lot of work involved with ensuring your event project is ready to go through the submission process.

You will also be unable to edit this event/project while the portal is going through the submission project, whereas if you opted to create an Entegy Demo, it would allow you to continue updating and editing your upcoming event. 

Another consideration is you will need to have a new ‘upcoming project’ ready if or when you want to request an update to your portal in the future. This may lead to extra work for you in the longer term.