Let the games begin! An in-app reward system to supercharge engagement through attendee challenges and prizes.


Points, achievements and the accompanying leaderboard act as a powerful tool for boosting engagement and driving social interaction amongst attendees. Events that include a leaderboard and points system see dramatic increases in app user interaction.

Points are earned as attendees use and explore the app. A wide variety of in-app actions can trigger points, for example:

  • Post or comment in activity feed
  • Participate in interactive sessions
  • Comment on pages
  • Send private messages
  • View notifications
  • Update profile info
  • Add a profile image
  • Visit a page for the first time
  • Unlock achievements for bonus points

Each of these actions give a predefined number of points, event organisers can change if desired. Points can also be manually given to a user profile at any time via the Core, adding flexibility to incorporate any activities or challenges outside of the event technology.

Achievements reward users for performing actions multiple times, “Post 5 Statuses” for example. These work in conjunction with the point system, that is, a user is awarded the usual number of points for each of the five statuses plus a bonus number of points for earning the achievement. There are no limits to how many achievements can be set for each action, for example you may wish to include achievements for posting 5, 10, 25 and 50 statuses.

When an achievement is unlocked, the attendee will be alerted via push notification or in-app display. Users’ achievement progress along with the progress of fellow attendees can be viewed in the Leaderboard or their personal profiles.

To help you get started, a one-click setup for default achievements is available in the Core, which you can then edit. Names, descriptions, icons and the number of points awarded for achievements can all be customised as you see fit.

Left Screen: user profile showing points, rank and achievements
Right Screen:  achievement unlocked notification

Points and achievements all feed into the in-app leaderboard where attendees can see each others’ progress, achievement tally and overall ranking.

From here users can also view a list of all achievements, split into those they have, and are yet to earn, along with the requirements and points for each trophy.

Left Screen:  leaderboard
Right Screen: users achievements


Can I add additional achievements during my event?
Yes, achievements are instantly visible to attendees once activated through the core. New achievements are retroactive – so don’t make new challenges too easy!

Can I delete a default achievement?
Yes, all achievements can be edited or deleted at any stage.

Do you have recommended achievements?
Yes! Activate the default set by clicking the “add new” button above the list in the core and select “Create Default Achievements”

Can I split my attendees into teams?
A simple grouping function is available. Event organisers have the ability to see how individual groups of attendees are preforming by categories such as delegate type or other existing profile fields setup within Core. However, this is currently not able to be seen within the app.

Getting Started

Check out the article on Points, Achievements and Leaderboard. This article includes a video and guide to managing this feature within the Core.