Engaging Attendees With the Activity Feed

Make attendees feel welcome to your event as soon as they download the app by adding a pop up message upon login. Secondly engage your attendees by sending a push notification telling them about the Activity Feed to post photos of their favourite exhibitor booth or start a discussion about some of the event workshops and sessions.


The Activity Feed is a fun and exciting way for attendees to socialise with each other and share experiences, make new connections and find out what is going on around the event. Users are able to reply to posts and post photos to the feed.

You can set a push notification to direct attendees to the Activity Feed.
(For more information on Push Notifications, please read the Push Notifications Overview article)


Event organisers can also create a profile to post sponsored posts.
(For information on how to create a profile, please read the Manually creating or deleting profiles article). Once you've logged into the app under the organiser profile, go into the 'Activity Feed' and create your post.